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Because is a Community Website for a specific geographical area not just anyone qualifies to have a user account or is allowed to advertise. user accounts are for residents, property owners, visitors and vacationers of Adams County, Wisconsin including these areas listed below.  Also the classified ads, banner ads, and business directory is for business and sellers from these areas are allowed to advertise on this site!  If you are not sure please contact us first before ordering advertising contact us.

  • City of Adams WI 53910
  • Arkdale WI 54613
  • Bancroft WI 54921
  • Briggsville WI 53920
  • Coloma WI 54930
  • Friendship WI 53934
  • Grand Marsh WI 53936
  • Hancock WI 54943
  • Nekoosa WI 54457
  • Oxford WI 53952
  • Plainfield WI 54966
  • Westfield WI 53964
  • Wisconsin Dells WI 53965


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Side Banner display depends on the number of amount of business who purchase this package.

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Banner & Text Advertising ABOVE content $.03 per impression per Ad

Minimum Pre-Paid Account Balance is $25.00 = 833 impressions

Banner & Text Advertising BELOW content $.02 per impression per Ad

Minimum Pre-Paid Account Balanced is $25.00 = 1250 impressions

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What is an impression?  An impression is everytime a page is loaded AND your ad is displayed is consider a impression if a visitor views it or not if a visitor clicks on it or not. 

These rates can change with or without notice.

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