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  3. Tuesday, 27 March 2018
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just moved back to Wisconsin from Arizona, and I am used to just pulling over anywhere, walking 15 feet away from the road and shooting. Unfortunately even though I live in a rural area, it is classified as being inside of the township of Oconomowoc and all shooting is prohibited.
(apparently there was a state police shooting range in a small quarry not 100yrds from my front door that was forced the close when the cops started screwing around and shooting at houses and other personal property - This is when the township shooting ban was supposedly instituted) I have found a public range, but it is 45 minutes away from my house in Pumpkin Center (near Juneau - I live right outside of Oconomowoc) There is a big sportsman club right near me (stone bank) but it is expensive and exclusive. There is another club near me in Ashippun that is skeet and trap only. So I guess my question is, where can i go that is within a couple of minutes drive and blow off some steam? I dont want to go through some huge damn production when I want to go and shoot! I am used to shooting several times a week say on my way home from work, or on my way into town to get some groceries, etc. What are the rules in wisconsin regarding shooting on public land, state forests/trails, roadways, etc? What are the good, easy, convenient places to shoot here?

Please help.

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