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Fountain Township WI - Town of Fountain

Fountain Township is located in Juneau County in Central Wisconsin along the western border of Monroe County and is home to a small town named Hustler. This area has four well known trout streams in all classes 3, 2 and 1; Little Lemonweir River, Fountain Creek, Hoton Creek & Webster Creek. These trout waters have plenty of access via Remnant Little Lemonweir River, Statewide Public Access and Stream Bank Easement Program. These may change from time to time, so always check with local rules and regulations. Hustler is in the middle of The Omaha Bike Trail (also open to Snowmobiling) and goes from Camp Douglas all the way down to Elroy. It was an old railroad renovated into a paved path and there is an old train tunnel to ride through. Parts of Fountain Township consist of hills and valleys with lots of main roads cutting through the landscaping including; Federal Highway 12, State Highway 16, State Road 80 and County Roads A, H, S & B.

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Cities, Towns and Villages

  • Hustler, Wisconsin


  • None

Rivers & Creeks

  • Little Lemonweir River
  • Fountain Creek
  • Hoton Creek
  • Webster Creek

Trout Streams

  • Little Lemonweir River – Class 2 & 3 Trout Stream
  • Fountain Creek – Class 2 Trout Stream
  • Hoton Creek – Class 1 Trout Stream
  • Webster Creek – Class 2 & 3 Trout Stream

Public Land & Area Features

  • Remnant Little Lemonweir River
  • Statewide Public Access
  • Stream Bank Easement Program

Sandy Public Beaches

  • None

Boat Launches & Ramps

  • None


  • Unknown

Trails & Routes

  • ATV Routes
  • Snowmobile Trails
  • The Omaha Trail

Rock Formations - Named Bluffs, Rock Outcropping & Cliffs

  • None

Other Features & Amenities

  • Sandpits

Developments and Subdivision Juneau County WI

  • None

Main Roads

  • Federal Highway 12
  • State Highway 16
  • State Highway 80
  • County Roads A, H, S & B

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Fountain Township Wisconsin