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Kildare Township WI - Town of Kildare

Kildare Township is located in Juneau County in Central Wisconsin between the famous Wisconsin Dells and Mauston and is home to Lyndon Station along I-90 & I-94. This area is known for tourism being close to the Dells and not too far from both Castle Rock Lake and the Wisconsin River. Here there are lots of woods, farmland, water and some spots of low wetlands. It features three class 3 trout streams; Tracy Creek, Lyndon Creek and Holtlander Creek. The Lemonweir River cuts through Kildare Township and offers some public land called Lemonweir Bottomland Hardwood Forest State Natural Area which is also located partly in Marion Township to the North. Besides the interstate, there are several main arteries that pass through this area like Federal Highway 12, State Highway 16 and County Roads HH, N & J.

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Town of Kildare Photos & Pictures

Cities, Towns and Villages

  • Lyndon Station, WI. 53944


  • None

Rivers & Creeks

  • Wisconsin River
  • Lemonweir River
  • Tracy Creek
  • Lyndon Creek
  • Holtzlander Creek

Trout Streams

  • Tracy Creek – Class 3 Trout Stream
  • Lyndon Creek – Class 3 Trout Stream
  • Holtzlander Creek – Class 3 Trout Stream

Public Land & Area Features

  • Part of Lemonweir Bottomland Hardwood Forest State Natural Area
  • Riverview Recreation Area – Juneau County Land

Sandy Public Beaches

  • Unknown

Boat Launches & Ramps

  • Wisconsin River - Cliff House Road


  • Lyndon Station???

Trails & Routes

  • ATV Routes
  • Snowmobile Trails

Rock Formations - Named Bluffs, Rock Outcropping & Cliffs

  • Swandas Bluff

Other Features & Amenities

  • Canadian Pacific Railroad

Developments and Subdivision Juneau County WI

  • Lemonweir River Heights
  • Assessor’s Plat Number 1
  • Buffalo Ridge
  • Wisconsin River Highlands

Main Roads

  • I-90
  • I-94
  • Federal Highway 12
  • State Highway 16
  • County Roads J, N & HH

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Kildare Township Wisconsin

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