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Kingston Township WI - Town of Kingston

Kingston Township is located in Juneau County in Central Wisconsin. It’s the township in the northwestern most part of the county located just south of Wood County and east of Jackson County. This area is mostly wetlands open to the public with LOTS of water including Sprague-Mather Flowage aka Goose Pool, Meadow Flowage, Pools 19 / 27, Beaver Flowage, Kingston Flowage, Big Lake, Little Yellow River, Silver Creek, Beaver Creek and several named and unnamed ditches. The public areas include Necedah National Wildlife Refuge, Necedah Oak-Pine Savanna State Natural Area, Central Wisconsin Conservation Area, Meadow Valley Wildlife Area, Hog Island Tamaracks SNA and Kingston Pines & Fen State Natural Area. The Town of Kingston is known for its fishing and hunting but doesn’t have a lot of public access. There are only a handful of town roads, State Highway 173, County Road H & EE. Most but not all of Juneau County Roads are now open to ATVing, so check local regulations. ATV Maps

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Town of Kingston Photos & Pictures

Cities, Towns and Villages

  • Mather, Wisconsin


  • Sprague-Mather Flowage aka Goose Pool
  • Cranberry Bogs
  • Meadow Valley Flowage
  • Number Twenty Seven Pool | 27 Pool
  • Number Nineteen Pool | 19 Pool
  • Beaver Flowage
  • Big Lake
  • Kingston Flowage
  • Unnamed Lakes

Rivers & Creeks

  • Silver Creek
  • Beaver Creek
  • Little Yellow River
  • West Branch Little Yellow River
  • Avery Lateral Ditch
  • McDowell Lateral Ditch
  • Bewick Lateral Ditch
  • Neal Lateral Ditch
  • Russell Lateral Ditch
  • Rawson Lateral Ditch
  • East Branch Yellow River
  • Johnson Lateral Ditch
  • McConnell Lateral Ditch
  • Ward Lateral Ditch
  • Lots of Unnamed Ditches

Trout Streams

  • None

Public Land & Area Features

  • Necedah National Wildlife Refuge
  • Necedah Oak-Pine Savanna State Natural Area - SNA
  • Central Wisconsin Conservation Area
  • Meadow Valley Wildlife Area
  • Hog Island Tamaracks State Natural Area - SNA
  • Kingston Pines and Fen State Natural Area - SNA

Sandy Public Beaches

  • Unknown

Boat Launches & Ramps

  • Goose Pool Boat Launch


  • Goose Pool Dam

Trails & Routes

  • ATV Routes
  • Snowmobile Trails

Rock Formations - Named Bluffs, Rock Outcropping & Cliffs

  • None

Other Features & Amenities

  • Hog Island
  • Craneberry Bogs

Developments and Subdivision Juneau County WI

  • None

Main Roads

  • State Highway 173
  • County Roads EE & H

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Kingston Township Wisconsin