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Orange Township WI - Town of Orange

Orange Township is located in Juneau County in Central Wisconsin and is home to Camp Douglas and Volk Field Air National Guard Base between Tomah & New Lisbon along I-90 / I-94. This area doesn’t have much for water other than the Lemonweir River and Little Lemonweir River, which is a class 3 trout stream. The Town of Orange does have Mill Bluff State Park and the Ice Age National Scientific Reserve which a part of Mill Buff State Park. The township has some woods, hills, valleys and wetlands, but has a lot of open land too. Volk Field Air National Guard Base takes up a good portion of the land in this area. Besides the small city lots in Camp Douglas most of the township is large acreage that is privately owned. Because of the military base, Camp Douglas is a major hub with lots of main roads connecting to it; I-90, I-94, Federal Highway 12, State Highway 16 and County Roads M, C & H and the Canadian Pacific Railroad.

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Town of Orange Photos & Pictures

Cities, Towns and Villages

  • Camp Douglas, WI. 54618
  • Lone Rock, Wisconsin
  • Orange Mill, Wisconsin


  • None

Rivers & Creeks

  • Lemonweir River
  • Little Lemonweir River

Trout Streams

  • Little Lemonweir River – Class 3 Trout Stream

Public Land & Area Features

  • Town of Orange Land
  • Mill Bluff State Park
  • Ice Age National Scientific Reserve
  • Marinette County Forest (According to DNRmaps.WI.go)

Sandy Public Beaches

  • Unknown

Boat Launches & Ramps

  • Unknown


  • Unknown

Trails & Routes

  • The Omaha Trail
  • ATV Routes
  • Snowmobile Trails

Rock Formations - Named Bluffs, Rock Outcropping & Cliffs

  • Lone Rock

Other Features & Amenities

  • Volk Field Air National Guard aka Volk Field Air National Guard Base
  • Camp Williams Army National Guard
  • Ice Age National Scientific Reserve at Mill Buff State Park
  • Canadian Pacific Railroad
  • Sandpits

Developments and Subdivision Juneau County WI

  • Some small Unnamed Tracts

Main Roads

  • I-90
  • I-94
  • Federal Highway 12
  • State Highway 16
  • County Roads M, C & H

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Orange Township Wisconsin