Townships in Juneau County Wisconsin

Armenia Township - This area has farm fields, woods and lots of vacation properties along Lake Petenwell's westside. Know for Petenwell Wilderness County Park, Cranberry Creek Mound Group SNA, West Petenwell Ditch Class Trout Stream and Yellow River.
Clearfield Township - Mostly wooded with some farm field mixed in, mostly in the western part. Features Juneau County Land, Kennedy County Park, Lemonweir River, Little Yellow River and Juneau County Ditch...
Cutler Township -  There is a lot of land open to the public via Central Wisconsin Conservation Area, Meadow Valley State Wildlife Area, Necedah National Wildlife Area and Juneau County Public Lands...
Finley Township - This area has a field along the eastern border and is mostly wooded with lots of wetlands. It consists of mostly Necedah National Wildlife Refuge, Central Wisconsin Conservation Area and Juneau County Forest Crop Land.
Fountain Township - Well known trout streams in all classes 3, 2 and 1; Little Lemonweir River, Fountain Creek, Hoton Creek & Webster Creek.
Germantown Township - is home to Castle Rock Dam, Buckhorn State Park, Buckhorn Wildlife Area, Yellow River Wildlife Area, Castle Rock County Park and lots of public land open to hiking, hunting, fishing and more…
Kildare Township - Lots of woods, farmland, water and some spots of low wetlands. Features three class 3 trout streams; Tracy Creek, Lyndon Creek & Holtlander Creek. Plus Lemonweir Bottomland Hardwood Forest State Natural Area
Kingston Township - This area is mostly wetlands open to the public with LOTS of water including Sprague-Mather Flowage aka Goose Pool, Meadow Flowage, Pools 19 / 27, Beaver Flowage, Kingston Flowage, Big Lake, Little Yellow River, Silver Creek, Beaver Creek and several named and unnamed ditches. The public areas include Necedah National Wildlife Refuge, Necedah Oak-Pine Savanna State Natural Area, Central Wisconsin Conservation Area, Meadow Valley Wildlife Area, Hog Island Tamaracks SNA and Kingston Pines & Fen State Natural Area.
Lemonweir Township - Home to Mauston which is considered the County Seat where the courthouse, county jail, area schools, shopping, hospital, majority of businesses etc are located…
Lindina Township - Is known for the City of Mauston plus its family farming and class trout streams: Brewster Creek, Onemile Creek, Little Onemile Creek and Cheese Factory Creek.
Lisbon Township - It’s home to New Lisbon situated between Camp Douglas and Mauston. The township is about half woods and half farmland with the Lemonweir River running through it.
Lyndon Township - Home to Lyndon Station plus a small part of Wisconsin Dells and features Dell Creek Wildlife Area, Hulburt Creek Fishery Area, Dells of the Wisconsin River Natural Area and Rocky Arbor State Park.
Marion Township - Unlike most of the county there is not a lot of public land, creeks, boat ramps, etc… Most of the land is wooded with lots of wetland due to the Wisconsin River & Lemonweir River.
Necedah Township - Main Features: Petenwell Lake Flowage, Castle Rock Flowage, Suk & Cerney Flowage, Rynearson Flowage Pool 1, Rynearson Flowage Pool 2, Necedah Lake, Fish Lake, Wisconsin River, Yellow River, Little Yellow River, South Branch Yellow River, West Petenwell Ditch (class trout stream), Juneau County Public Land, National Necedah Wildlife Refuge, Yellow River Oxbows, Yellow River Wildlife Area, Necedah Park, Petenwell Dam, Petenwell Rock
Orange Township - Home to Camp Douglas, Volk Field Air National Guard Base,  Lemonweir River, Little Lemonweir River (class 3 trout stream), Mill Bluff State Park and the Ice Age National Scientific Reserve.
Plymouth Township - Home of Elroy it features the Elroy Sparta State Trail, The Omaha Trail and the 400 State Trail. Other features Alpine Hills Lake Subdivision, Alpine Hills Lake (PRIVATE) plus class trout streams: Onemile Creek, Webster Creek and Brewster Creek.
Seven Mile Creek Township - West Branch Big Creek, Cattail Creek, East Branch, Big Creek, Dell Creek, Little Onemile Creek (class 3 trout stream), Seven Mile Creek, Bass Hollow Recreational Area, Juneau County Forest Land, Bass Hollow State Natural Area and Dell Creek Wildlife Area.
Summit Township - There are no named lakes but several creeks including Stewart Creek, Crossman Creek, Gardner Creek, Spring Creek, West Branch Big Creek, Little Onemile Creek which is a class 3 trout stream.
Wonewoc Township - It is home to three towns; Wonewoc, Union Center and part of Elroy, which is mostly in Plymouth Township.  You can find several rivers and creeks including the Baraboo River, West Branch Baraboo River, Hill Creek, Gardner Creek and Seymour Creek, which is a class 3 trout stream. PLUS Hillsboro State Trail and The 400 State Trail bike trails...


Juneau County WI Townships